A picture is worth a thousand words. A video is worth 1.8 million.

Because the human attention span is continually dwindling, creating concise yet engaging content is important for any marketing strategy. And while some people do prefer reading, video now rules the content marketing roost since it utilizes several senses and the brain processes it quicker than text.

It began when we entered a working relationship with our first product manufacturer (and a long-time favourite client). Photographs and paragraphs only scratch the surface when trying to showcase a product that moves, shines, swings, clicks, and sticks to metal surfaces with a thwack.

And as such, Trilynx’s Work Rite Lite commercial was born. It all went haywire from there.

At Social Lite, our videographers, animators, writers, and actors can take your rough concept and shape it into an engaging, creative video designed for inbound marketing and optimum reach. As your videos gain an audience, our marketing strategies will generate leads and create conversions.

Logos of some of Social Lite's selected clients. Clients include: Mac James Motors, Abe's Door Services, Cadillac Coatics, CanAm Tool Corp, and Tri-Lynx Corporation.

Commercial and Corporate

Trilynx - Work Rite Lite


Our first creation. The Work Rite Lite is a light that you can use everywhere, and we wanted this commercial to show its versatility. We also wanted to give the piece a bit of character, while not crossing the line into whacky. It’s just a good old-fashioned product exposé.


Cadillac Coatings - The Paint Line 

Cadillac Coatings is a company that quietly resides in the Edmonton industrial district. They powder coat architectural materials with an incredible attention to detail, quality, efficiency, and economy, and they do it with a machine that was invented by Cadillac’s owner himself. We wanted to give a glimpse into that process, show off this groundbreaking machine, and give Cadillac the attention they deserve. 

CanAm Tool - The Starter Kit

CanAm Tool is another industrious company that deserves a spotlight. Since 1972 they have been making drywall tools for drywall companies and contractors that are hand-crafted, expertly assembled, and delivered with care - but most importantly, they help drywallers get their job done with speed, quality, all while being gentle on the body and back of their users. White back-dropped product photography just didn’t do these tools justice.

Abe’s Door Services


Abe’s is a third generation Edmonton company with a deep history and a rich story. There’s just so much to say about these guys, that we had to say it in two videos. Please watch them both, and if you ever need your garage door fixed (commercial or residential), they might even bring you some sausage.

Trilynx - Connor and Larry Learn to Level


For this series of videos, we pitched Trilynx an out of the box concept that involved a father and son duo learning to level their RVs. We dipped into Alberta’s stand-up comedy community and came up with two actors that fit the bill perfectly - Ken Valgardsen (Larry) and Chris Gordon (Connor). Larry plays the experienced RV leveler who feels obligated to teach his 33-year-old son the basics of RV leveling. Can Connor figure out how to get his RV level? Only one way to find out.


Mac James Motors - Hunter’s Story

You all know the jingle and may have seen their commercials over the last couple of decades. We wanted to hold onto that essence while telling a new story that departed from the canned testimonial approach but still resonated with their target demographic - people that have made some mistakes in their past, damaged their credit, but still need a vehicle to get to work. What better way to do that than take a spin on the classic Alberta oilpatch riches to rags tale?

Trilynx - How to Level 

We identified an issue with the Lynx Leveler brand in our multi-year journey with Trilynx - people were spreading misinformation online as to how to properly use Lynx Levelers and their suite of products. There was only one way to solve this. Make our own how-to videos and systematically dismantle the confusion that was surrounding these world-famous products. Not only that, it gave our existing customers a deeper connection with the brand and opened a whole new channel for us to communicate with them and excite them.

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