Weekly Digital Marketing Takeaways | The importance of listening to your inner self

by Courtney Killips on November 30 2018

Hey! It’s Courtney here, with your Social Lite weekly takeaways. This week's meeting provided a bit of self-reflection and reminded us that sometimes it’s okay to feel stressed and uncomfortable.

The business of digital marketing is fast paced, intense and requires a certain type of personality to embrace it and succeed. However, even the most calloused road warriors of marketing sometimes need to take a step back and look at the forest rather than the trees.

I have come to understand that this is the power of our weekly ritual. We take a moment to share our thoughts and experiences of the week - what we’ve learned and how we’ve grown. It helps us to realize that we are connected through what we do in our day-to-day.

Each one of us has felt the “heat,” has overcome similar obstacles and have grown from those experiences. So, trust yourself and know “this too shall pass.”

This has given me a new perspective on the purpose of these weekly blog posts that I have been writing: Their purpose is you, fellow marketer.

You are one of us and you should not feel alone out there!

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Team Takeaways - from Friday, November 23rd


Life Takeaways


“Although we are a digital agency sometimes nothing can beat the analogue method - pen and paper. Printing something off or making a list and crossing things off is sometimes exactly what is needed for the job.”   


“Sometimes you box yourself in with a certain thought, and you can't see beyond that, so you need another person to suggest a solution outside of it."


“Knowing your audience, your resources, and your team, make it vital for everything and everyone to work together.”


“When working in sales, you will come across attractive projects that you know your team can greatly succeed at, which will be rewarding for your agency and the client. But, if the culture and values of the company you are in contact with are misaligned with your own, this attractive project may not be worth pursuing; and the relationship may actually be harmful to your agency’s culture. It’s important to detach yourself from the attractive opportunity and first vet the fit before committing to a long-term client/agency relationship."


“Conceptualize the goals and the success of the stakeholders. Create a high-level map of the necessary steps that make it successful. Asking the right questions at the right times to find out about red flags or potential roadblocks.”


“We may not feel confident in all that we do, and that’s okay. It’s okay feel uncomfortable, and it’s good to feel uncomfortable, that’s where we can learn.”


Technical Takeaways 

"HubSpot, is multifaceted platform. It's user friendly and very educational. It made it easy for a first timer like me to understand how to use it." 

“When you are making something, whether it is a website or blog post, content or project, waiting for it to be perfect is absolutely required if you NEVER want to launch anything.”   


“Never underestimate the power of Google Tag Manager. Also, that an incredibly impactful way to increase conversions is with a customized checkout page.”


"Technical problems or oversights may happen when working on a project. It’s important that you don’t forget you can rely upon and get support from the great people around you to get you through those emergency times."  

Instagram Style Book 2019

“By using analytics and studying data, you have a massive advantage in creating engaging content for social media and blog posts.”

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