Weekly Digital Marketing Takeaways - The Importance of Communication

by Courtney Killips on November 23 2018

November 13th was an exciting day for me, it was my first day joining the team here at Social Lite!

Hi! My name is Courtney, and I am the newest Account Coordinator here at Social Lite. I will be writing a weekly blog post about the team's weekly takeaways, updated every Friday.  

Takeaways are discussed between the team every Friday, during our weekly meeting. This is where we all sit together at the end of the day and share.


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A takeaway can be summed up into a statement or sentence, formed by a key point or moment during the week that we have experienced and learned from. Something worth sharing that can impact the team and you, the reader. There seems to be a recurring theme to this week's takeaways, and that is without a doubt the importance of communication. Communication is definitely vital with our clients but also internally between the team. To be an effective communicator you also have to be an engaged listener. Successful communication betters everyone involved, it lowers stress and frustration by supporting physical and emotional well-being. 

Team Takeaways - from Friday, November 16th



“Make sure everything is copyrighted(in this case specifically with a song), and that you own the rights or if possible original scores.”


“Effective communication is the most important element to a successful project. If you do not have good communication, you do not have anything.”


“When writing a blog post or social post, look back at what has worked in the past. Use the past to help dictate the future.”


“Communication is absolutely key. You catch more flies with honey. That being said, use your discretion, sometimes kindness can work other times you need to be a little bit abrasive.…… sometimes you're the honey, sometimes you're the bear.”


“Our job is building the marketing strategy; to put together the pieces of the campaign together. Our clients have the answers they are looking for, and those answers come from them knowing their customers.”


“For workflow; Prioritize your tasks. Take advantage of the time of day when your brain is working at a higher level. You can zone in on those times and get specific tasks done. Take advantage of that energy and focus, put it to the best use you possibly can.”  


“Don’t be afraid to ask questions, no matter the question.”


"Fall in love with the process, and the results will come."


“Set a goal that is attached to your ad spend at the beginning of a project, this will become vital when understanding how much your leads are worth.”


“Safe is risky.
If you want to stand out, you have to try things, be different, and be you! No one will pay attention to you when you're saying the same things as everyone else. The average is invisible. If it bleeds, it leads.”


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That’s it for this week! My week-one was overloaded with information and terminology, which kept me on my toes, but everyone here has been super helpful and willing to answer my numerous questions. (Thanks, you guys!)

Thank you! For checking out and reading my first blog post for Social Lite!

See you here next week, and every Friday, to see the teams weekly takeaways!




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