Weekly digital Marketing Takeaways - Google analytics, the superpower.

by Courtney Killips on February 16 2019

I am officially Advanced Google Analytics certified! Heck yeah, I am! 
My goal is get all of my Google Analytics certifications and eventually become Google Certified. 

Google Analytics (GA) is such a vital tool for a digital marketer. It tracks and reports activity on a website and forms it into quantitative data. You can scale it down or back, it's completely customizable. You can focus in on a certain web pages, see how your campaign is flourishing, and if it's an e-commence site, you can see the top selling products.  

In conjunction with Google Analytics, using Google Tag Manager- needed for tracking analytics to work, Google Console - for SEO, and TruConversion - record sessions and heat mapping. All these services used together is somewhat like a superpower, it helps us better understand our customer and their demographic. 

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Team takeaways from Friday February 8th 


The relationship with the customer is a never ending progression in value. In your sales process you need to add value between every interaction, don't email a new lead and ask if they've seen your proposal. Ask every prospect on LinkedIn if they've seen the content you've published. 


A disagreement between a client and an agency isn't necessarily a bad thing. In an interdependent relationship, where you have a mutual goal, disagreement is a benefit. It's the entire reason why a relationship between two people exist, because two heads are better than 1 and two points of view are better than one. Don't take disagreement as inherently bad. Look at it as an opportunity to show the client how much you know, get on the same page, make them understand your goals are aligned, and you now know they're interested in what we're doing. 


Know the difference between price and value. We think we know the price of something BUT the value can spread out far beyond all of that.


Setting clear expectations from start of a campaign helps to create/maintain a healthy client relationship. Each party knows their roles and responsibilities, and it helps lessen miscommunication. 



Never assume, always follow up. If you assume, you make an ass out of you and me, but if you follow up, you make a followship of the ring.


Perseverance pays dividends.

 Kim Kim 

Custom design is Queen. Elevate your product. Optimize your User Experience.


Biggest competitor of a business' site is not the business' competitors. It's the back button.

This shows how important knowing the goal of the project- Understanding our client's customer through creating user personas and understanding their products/services. Knowing these factors can lead us to create a site with a better UX tailored specifically to our clients and to their customers.


Build a campaign with strategy, build the approach around outcomes, not outputs.  


Screen Shot 2019-02-11 at 11.53.10 AM

The Dunning-Kruger Effect, or as Ian calls it, "that thing Simon always talks about," is a cognitive bias where someone who is learning something new believes that the skill they are learning is incredibly easy... until they dive into it and realize quite quickly that it's actually a lot harder than it looks. 

However, as they keep working on it and getting better at it, their confidence can be regained.

The flip side to this phenomenon is what I find more interesting as it helps with onboarding new clients, staff and even working with children or your dumb friends. 

It is such that when you are experienced and really good at something, that something seems to be an almost innate skill - as if you were born with it. This leads to the expert feeling as if everyone should know what they know and be able operate at the same level as them with little or no training. 

Identifying this in yourself allows you to be a much more patient person who is an excellent educator.


Before creating a new product you think your customers will like, ASK them if they'd buy it. 

  • Ask before you create.
  • Have a "pre-sale" to gauge interest.
  • What does our audience actually want?


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