Weekly digital Marketing Takeaways -Artificial Intelligence - EQ and IQ

by Courtney Killips on February 8 2019

Recently, I was an attendee in a digital marketing web seminar. One of the presenters spoke about EQ(emotional intelligence) and IQ, and the effects related to the future advancement of  Artificial Intelligence(AI).   

AI is and already has rapidly transformed the way we interact with each other and on social media. To be clear, when I say AI, I'm not talking about walking talking robots, I'm talking about your phone, your Google Home/Alexa, and your computer. 

Standardized tests are used to assist in human intelligence. These tests include emotional intelligence, something AI does not currently possess. Or does it?

AI can analyze large amounts of incoming data due to its ability to decode and recognize patterns and links. Fast forward to the not so distance future,  where AI will be able to interact with us from an  empathetic and self-aware competence

I highly recommend a trip down this rabbit hole. This topic in itself can be a lengthly read, that can take you in different directions, as it gets pretty intense quickly and incredibly interesting.   


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Team takeaways from Friday February 1st 


When setting up your deal stages in your sales CRM (we use HubSpot), create as many deal pipelines you need (ie. different verticals, different products), but at a minimum, create two pipelines: one for new business and the other for current client upgrades. The reason being, the sales process and steps will be different for new clients versus existing, often involving different contacts and colleagues. 


Be weary of Instagram shadow bans and relying on automation tools to grow your audience. 

Yes, using an automation tool will, on the surface, look like you're getting a ton of followers, a ton of engagement, and are blasting your way to IG influencer status, but in reality, the followers you get don't engage, and they do nothing to actually grow a business and can (and likely will) hurt your IG presence. 

Why? Shadowbanning.

IG can recognize (despite automations best efforts) when you're using an automation tool. Once you're shadowbanned, they'll remove you from showing up in any recent hashtags. 


Our performance depends on our ability to recover quickly.


Reaching out to your client with a 'Weekly Win" is a great way to keep positive communication flowing. When you only reach out with a monthly report, the positives can be come lost in all the information presented. Weekly Wins help to keep moral high, and the conversation open. 


Use data-driven research to create and write blogs. Google Search Console, Moz, Buzz Sumo, Answer the Public, and reddit all provide popular keywords and searches that can be use for easy and proven blog topics around any product or service.


Confident with enough education, focus and time management, we can always turn a campaign around. 

 Kim Kim 

 Just like your family, you can't choose your clients, but you can choose how you interact with them. Staying one step ahead of your client communications, is a good way to nurture the relationship, and enhance the customers sense of value and confidence in the project or campaign


Whatever the situation is, you always have the opportunity to make things better or be remarkable


The power of command + Shift + 4. 
This screenshot method has made many of instances effortless.

Some picture's refuse to download, something cannot seem to copy and paste properly,  save to keep is not a useful tool anymore, and I don't have to search through my downloaded files. 
BOOM! Screenshot, efficient use of time and resources.  


Be careful of growing the scope of a project just because there is more money being put on the table. To get a quick win is much better than taking another cheque and in doing so, delaying the success of the project.



4/5 times you're better off running an old campaign than a brand new one. We're obsessed with newness, but customers aren't. Look at the Tropicana campaign. When they completely re-designed their packaging they lost $50 million in five weeks and had to revert back to old packaging to try and make up some of these losses. Relevance and familiarity sell. Follow the MAYA principle in your creative: Most Advanced, Yet Acceptable. It's kind of new, but kind of old.

Trump ran 5.9 million versions of ads during his campaign. Clinton ran 66,000. Explain that to your clients next time you're begging them to just let you run ONE ad.

Lead Gen vs. Brand Marketing - who gets the money? 72% of money goes to Lead Gen. BUT, Lead Gen. works well right away and becomes less effective in long-term sales. Brand works the other way, but who wants to wait 30 months for a campaign to finally start picking up steam? Negotiate a truce for optimal profitability. A good campaign has 60% long-term branding, and 40% Lead Gen. 

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