Weekly digital Marketing Takeaways -  The 80/20 rule

by Courtney Killips on January 25 2019

I was recently introduce to the 80/20 Rule. While this rule can apply to realistically anything (quality of life, time management, diet, exercise, etc.), it really peeked my interest.
I started researching during my  Social Lite University, designated time where we actively learn and progress our Digital Marketer knowledge base.
8020 rule

In relation to Digital Marketing, 20% of customers produce 80% of sales and marketing objectives.  Through my research it seems that the 80/20 rule is an underrated technique, but one with great potential. The goal is to gain success through continued use of ideas you know work, and by operating at a lean cost, and trimming the fat.

I would urge you to do your own research on the Pareto Principle and actively learn, it may even be your new business mantra? 

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Team takeaways from Friday January 18th


To get started with video in your marketing and sales campaigns, I wouldn't place too much attention on the level of production, and instead consider these two points.
1) Whether or not your video is low quality or a big production, always provide value to your intended audience. 
2) To succeed with video, you need to adopt it as a routine activity for your business (this is how you will engage and grow your audiences while learning more about what they value, which can guide the topics for future videos. And it's simply how you will get better). 


Use facebook suggested when you're setting up a FB ads campaign. They give you good suggestions that you might not have thought of. 


"Rule of 7"
In marketing circles, it’s actually more a LAW than a rule. It states that you need to see and engage with your customers a minimum of 7 times for you to stand out in their minds...

...before they are ready to purchase from you.

But that begs the question: how do you get your potential customers to engage with your brand 7 times?

Above all else, you want them to TRUST you. And you do that by posting relevant content that speaks to them, about them, and for them.


Never underestimate the power of a quick mental break. If you're struggling to concentrate on a task, or find you can't get the sentence to sound right (no matter how many times you reword it) - give your mind a rest, and come back to it. The issue usually solves itself.


Control the Workflow. We have a lot of content coming in and out and sometimes it can feel overwhelming when you have multiple accounts waiting for approval or edits stretched out over the whole month. We are now pushing for content to come in earlier (first 2 weeks of the month) and keeping that constant across all accounts. By narrowing the workflow, we gain more control and focus. 



If you find yourself in a position in which you have to deliver unfortunate news to a client, be sure to start (and potentially end) the conversation with some positive news regarding their campaign. 

 Kim Kim 

When getting feedback from a client, it's best to give them direction to what exactly you want them to critique. So not to waste their time or yours later, when they realize they don't like something they didn't notice before without an objective.


Over communication is better than no communication.


I have become an excellent multitasker, in the last couple of months. Without a doubt, the best way is still to do things one at a time. 


We are entering the era of "human-centred marketing". Consumers are increasingly untrusting of ads and marketing messaging. This means that as marketers and business owners, we have to change our mentality as to how we interact with our customers.

Never intercept and never interrupt. Instead, create authentic and remarkable experiences that resonate and connect with your customer. Tell stories. Create things that are so great, people will want to share them.


There's really no set timetable for how quickly your new page will be indexed by Google. It can take several days or even months. Better still: results are not immediate or even guaranteed. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't do it.


Instagram Style Book 2019
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