Weekly digital Marketing Takeaways - the definition of Digital Marketing

by Courtney Killips on January 18 2019

Digital Marketing can be hard to define and cannot be easily summarized.

We as Digital Marketers, have to relate to the client, understand their needs/wants, while targeting an integrated approach. We have to be creative, suggest ideas that favour our client above the competition. We have to look ahead, create timelines and ensure we can generate sales leads.    

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Team takeaways from Friday January 11th


"Seek the uncomfortable until you're comfortable, then find the next thing that terrifies you."


"Don't underestimate the power of learning in time-saving."


“The defining factor (for success) is never resources, it's resourcefulness.”


Never underestimate the power of a face to face conversation. Whether it's actually meeting with your clients in person, or scheduling a video conference call, talking things through face to face can be really powerful. Even though our job is to be great with our words.


"Be flexible and adaptable. This is nothing new but it's come in handy for me this month. As we await approval on accounts, some content was delayed. Some accounts had content that referenced specific dates like holidays or events. I altered the copy to no longer reference these particular dates or used alternative posts submitted by our freelancer. This helped keep the content specific. Having specific content can be great when things work well but sometimes non-specific content can be more adaptable when things don't. It's also about reevaluating strategies, like posting older content on pages still waiting on approval or adapting the schedule to better fill up the month."


"Show even the most negative clients respect and grace upon exit form their contract. Integrity is key both personally and for your organization as you never know when paths will cross. "

 Kim Kim 

Take the time to inform and collaborate with your creative team from the beginning. This will benefit your projects' scope, efficiency and quality results.


"Less is more. Keeping it simple. Takes time & effort"
This applies to a lot of things. Sometimes we tend to overthink the most little things but finding out the solution is very simple. It's nice to learn and master the art of stepping back. :)


"We work with a lot of platform tools and software, it's important to remember you can utilize the people who work for those companies as a resource to use those programs more efficiently and effectively." 


"LeadForensics is an incredible tool that, if you have a dedicated and hungry sales team, you can find out which companies are visiting your site, who works there, and each employees' contact info."


"Most websites start with, "We are the leading provider of...", but competitors say the same thing, so the customer doesn't see a contrast between you and your competition. Differentiate yourself. Are you the ONLY provider of a product / service?

The "Recency / Primary Effect" states that people remember the beginning and end of a story, but they forget most things in the middle. The same goes for customers. They'll remember the first and last interaction you had with them, but likely won't remember much in-between. Make it memorable!"

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