Weekly digital Marketing takeaways - Keeping current in an ever changing industry

by Courtney Killips on December 7 2018

Courtney here, with your Social Lite weekly takeaways!

Digital marketing has a plethora of steps, procedures, and a never-ending dictionary full of digital lingo. Tasks and projects are constantly changing and growing, it's important to keep the tools and communication compatible with everyone involved in the process.

Social Lite is not only a full-stack digital marketing firm and design agency,  we are also educators. We educate our clients, potential clients, and continually educate ourselves.  

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 Team Takeaways from Friday November 30th


Life Takeaways


"There are days of education overload. Taking mini-breaks in between tasks, to reset your eyes and your brain, tend to allow you to jump back in with a clear mind and focus."    


"At Social Lite we are constantly working together, collaborating on projects, meeting to discuss scenarios and gain feedback. We work closely with one another, we share the good and the bad with each other.  We are not just a company, we are a collaboration!(We are nothing without each other, we are all we got!"


"It's challenging to take on a project halfway through, especially when you are doing everything for the first time. Patience is important."


"Seeing the performance of everything and client happiness. Depicts where are we at overall and where we are at as a business."


"Managing a project from the start will always be better and easier than managing something halfway through. Catching up half way through takes away a lot of time, putting most of the effort into having to explain everything. Generating ideas from the beginning, you get the full picture instead of a narrow scope nearing the end."

Technical Takeaways 

"Social Lite puts a lot of emphasis on educating our clients. The language we are using(such as acronyms), how to use our platforms (Monday.com), places for them to review content, giving them all the tools they need to keep everything streamlined and try our best to ensure that things don't fall through the cracks. Educating and having these systems in place helps the process be to be as transparent as possible."


"Do some of the tasks you have not done in a while, to ensure you still know how to do them. Re-educate yourself. It's always good not to forget because there may come a time when you have to teach it. If you don't use it, you lose it."


"Conversion, Moz, and Google Analytics, I learned how to use these platforms better. Yoast SEO 9.1, has security problems, going forward using Yoast SEO 9.2 (Wordpress plugin)"


Approach campaigns with a 1st things 1st mentality.


"Micro moments occur when people search Google to learn something, find something, buy something, know something. Micro moments are when we as marketers can address these needs."


"Follow up with every inbound sales lead relentlessly. Opportunity lives in your lead list."

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