Weekly Digital marketing takeaways - Time Management

by Courtney Killips on December 14 2018

Courtney here, with your Social Lite weekly takeaways!

Distracting tasks can influence productivity, efficiency, and time management. These distracting tasks are important, but can be compartmentalized and prioritized to ensure your time is being properly managed and every task gets the proper amount of attention needed.

In Digital Marketing you tend to have multiple campaigns on the go at the same time. Each one of the same importance, but only so much time can be delegated to one day to account each day. Establishing a system and using management tools, such as Monday.com, can help organize and alleviate some of the day to day stresses when dealing with the distracting task.

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Team Takeaways from Friday December 7th
Life Takeaways 


A clean and organized workspace has a direct impact on cognitive load, efficiency, and mental health.


Nothing beats old fashion face to face communication. It can be such a time saver and can make the ultimate difference in certain unclear situations. Walking through campaign details via Zoom meeting can be far more valuable than typing it into an email or pulse on Monday.


Our client is not the people of business, our client is the campaign we are working on. We have to keep our eye on that ball at all times. There will be distractions, it’s our job to automate the distraction.


Champions - find your champion!! When dealing with clients try to established a champion, the expert who is of interested in the campaign and can relay information accurately and efficiently. To keep the campaign organized, and running smoothly.

Special Guest - Neil

Energy is real. If you choose to make a poor decision during your day or get upset over an occurrence that is out of your control and assign a negative connotation to it, another one will follow close behind. You have the power to stop things from spiralling out of control.  


Technical Takeaways

Create a Hybrid page, by having objections to sale on the very bottom of the landing page, that turns into a blog at the. This will can rank high with lots of keywords


Transferable skills, I launched my first shop online! Using the knowledge I'm gaining through the digital marketing world, I am applying to my own life. Gaining attention to the website for the core offer and then branching out. I thought about writing out handwritten poems to sell but for a cheaper offer as a Tripwire.


Make blog writing part of your weekly work routine. Google will love you and reward you for providing subject matter expertise on your website, and even better, you will deepen your own understanding of the material because you are forced to articulate and flush out in-depth concepts.


Learning web development wasn’t initially something I was looking forward to, but I really enjoyed it when I got to do it. The more you understand and learn more is mutually beneficial for the team and the workload. Figuring out Shopify and WordPress, was a nice departure from usual client facing tasks and customer relations. You can put your headphones in and develop for a while.      


Lost half of the blog post I was working on, on Shopify only having to then re-write and edit again. Good practice, sure, but I was devastated. I then find out screwing up on Shopify is a right of passage.


Power of marketing! You can sell anything if you understand your audience and how to tailor the message. Payless shoes, recent campaign for example.       

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