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by Social Lite on April 25 2022



Social Lite is a leading Shopify Partner agency that specializes in sales and marketing for eCommerce brands. Our unrelenting mission is to help independent store owners compete and scale online. We help Shopify merchants around the world accelerate revenue growth with social advertising, Google AdWords, email marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), and store design.

As certified Shopify Experts, Social Lite hosts Meetups in cities throughout North America, to connect and educate aspiring store owners to grow in the competitive digital ad space. Social Lite has been featured on global webinars including Shopify Academy and Shopify Compass, as well as leading industry conferences including Digital Agency Expo in NYC & Traffic & Conversion Summit 2021 in San Diego. Since its inception in 2011, Social Lite has grown to three owners, 20 full-time staff, and 15 specialist freelancer partners around the world.

Are you the next great addition to our Social Lite team?



  • To drive NEW business revenue by:

    1) Generating conversations with NEW potential clients (lead gen)

    2) Recouping and re-setting leads who didn’t initially close (follow-up)

  • Full-time
  • Salary: 3k/month + commission (minimum based on your KPI *** you have the potential to earn far more with more sets OR higher quality sets. )
  • Hours: Monday to Friday - 40hr/ week
  • Generating $45,600 USD in NEW business revenue monthly (minimum).
  • Daily execution of team & administrative tasks.
  • Ability to work remotely
  • Casual dress
  • Extensive on the job training
  • Health benefits package
  • Career growth opportunities



  • 1-2 years minimum experience of proven involvement in a sales or customer service role

  • A diploma or Bachelor’s Degree in a related field (marketing, PR, communications, digital media, business administration) is an asset

  • People skills:
    You’re going to be talking with people all day. Being a natural rapport builder is going to hedge your bets on success (this DOESN’T mean you have to be an extrovert).

  • Integrity:
    Be someone who follows through with what you say. Be honest with prospects. And only enroll clients who’re a great fit.

  • Leadership:
    You must always lead prospects to the best decision for them EVEN IF that decision is outside of their comfort zone. Take a stand for what’s BEST for people.

  • Hunger // Work ethic:
    This is not an easy job, but it pays well. To earn the income that’s possible for you here… you must be willing to put in hours honing your craft and doing everything you can to:
    1) Generate opportunities
    2) Close them.
    You must be hungry.

  • Proactivity:
    Wherever you are in relation to your projections, you must know why. If you’re ahead, you must know what you’re doing well and what needs to be reinforced. If you’re behind, you must have the awareness to know WHY you are behind. Proactive behaviour will create awareness. And your awareness will allow you to adjust your behaviour to get the results.

  • Attention to detail:
    You will be tasked with staying up to date with your numbers and CRM activities. This is secondary to HITTING your numbers but still important.

  • Poise:
    You’ll be having crucial conversations on a daily basis which - a lot of times - can be life-changing conversations for the prospect. You must be calm under pressure and hold firm to help the prospect make the best decision for them.

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