Video That Tells an Engaging Story

Because people have shorter attention spans than goldfish , creating concise yet engaging content is important for any marketing strategy. And while some people do prefer reading, video now rules the content marketing roost since it utilizes several senses and the brain processes it quicker than text. People want quick, easily digestible content that is informative, interesting, and engaging – which video does extremely well. Consumers seek entertainment and engagement and their short attention spans are compounded by busyness – they don’t want to read pages of information when they can consume and assess the same information in a 1-2 minute video. Not only does video entertain, but it also builds trust – 70% of people prefer brands that offer interesting video content. Videos are easy to distribute through social media and because of SnapChat, Facebook, Vine, and YouTube, they’re easy to view on phones and tablets and good for SEO. Plus, if people like your videos, they’ll share them, expanding your overall reach.


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With so many videos going viral today, creative, well-produced content has the potential for quick consumption and lasting impressions. Ending videos with a persuasive call to action increases conversion and directs viewers to your webpage. Lastly, videos give your brand a face, it creates brand recognition, connection, and trust. Videos eliminate doubt and solve problems, they don’t just show what you do, but how you do it – no other medium can do this as concisely or effectively as video. As far as content goes, this medium offers a wealth of creative ways to engage your audience. Using either live action or animated videos (think whiteboard videos and fun cartoons), you can position yourself as an industry expert through video tutorials which have the potential to become series.


In video tutorials, you don’t necessarily give away all your secrets, just enough to solve a problem and keep your viewers coming back for more. You can use videos to explain complex concepts in succinct and captivating ways, to illustrate what makes your business unique, to give behind-the-scenes peeks into your business, to humanize your experts in interviews, and to distribute testimonials from happy customers. You can also invite your customers to make their own videos using your product and offer prizes for the best video – this allows you to use your customer base to sell your product. At Social Lite, our videographers, animators, and writers can take your rough concept and shape it into an engaging, creative video designed for inbound marketing and optimum reach. As your videos gain an audience, our marketing strategies will generate leads and create conversions.