Photography for Products, Lifestyle and Digital Marketing

Poor photography can make an expertly designed website look amateur whereas great photographs transform a well-designed website into a marketing masterpiece. Our team of photographers take their work seriously, they’re artists, and they create imagery that impacts, that attracts, that engages, and that enhances your brand and your message. With the dawn of smart phones and social media everyone’s a photographer, but if you want to compete with the millions of other businesses online, your images must stand out. Amateur photography just doesn’t cut it, it’s boring, it’s uninspired, it’s all too easy to overlook. And while you can get stock photos free or cheaper than a professional photographer, you risk having the same photos as everyone else in your industry. Between the sheer volume of photos and people’s short attention spans, good images can boost engagement and create memorable content.

Create a Connection with Beautiful Imagery

Custom, authentic photography creates a connection between the viewer and the business, it offers a glimpse into the real people, the real work, behind your business and tells the visual story of who you are – and today, communicating who you are as a business is crucial to building your brand. Like graphic design, photography is about leaving a lasting impression and appealing to aesthetic sensibilities – it’s about visual storytelling. Bold and original photos play an integral part in your brand identity: it gives your audience a unique look at your business’ products, process, and people and positively impacts your conversion rates. Our team of photographers can expertly (and beautifully) photograph your products, your process, and your people – all of which can be seamlessly utilized in every aspect of your business’ marketing strategy, from your website to your print and digital collateral.

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Product Photography for eCommerce

Photography-01a-600x899Particularly important for your website and brochures, product photography is integral to sales – how your products look directly influences whether people will purchase them.

eCommerce Photography

With more and more businesses investing in eCommerce and more and more consumers preferring online shopping, product stills are what set you apart from your competition – whatever you’re selling, someone else is selling it too, maybe even cheaper than you are, which is why you need to make a great first impression.  Professional product photos increase perceived value – by looking good, consumers believe that your product is good, which means that amateur photography isn’t enough. People often think photography is something they can easily do themselves, but amateur photos just look amateur. You want to build your brand, not tear it down.

Increase Conversion Rates

Step one is to have amazing product photos: your online images must reflect the superior quality of your product and amateur photographs are not going to do that. Using light, shadow, props, and staging alongside professional equipment and technology, our expert photographers creatively capture your products to best illustrate their quality and your brand. Flexible and creative, they can shoot your products in a studio, in your shop, on a model, or even outside – we work with you to create images that best represent your brand, delivering the perfect shot, and differentiating you from your competitors. Professional photographers understand the market, they understand design, they understand how light, shadow, lens, and placement affect the final photograph and their expertise is proven to increase conversion rates. Since people can’t touch your products when viewing them online, your photography is the only way they can explore and evaluate what you have to offer (especially popular are images you can spin to view from every angle and you can’t capture that without a professional). The images you feature on your website and in your brochures and marketing collateral make a measurable impact on your sales and conversions.


Here are a few product shots by the Social Lite team

Lifestyle Photography & Environmental Portraits

MG_3838-1024x682Traditionally, when businesses have their staff or location photographed, they go for posed headshots and exterior photographs. But environmental portraits allow you to give your clients a look into the actual products, people, and processes that make up your business. Rather than utilizing up-close images of people and products, this style of photography uses a documentary approach: it captures real people in real places doing real work. The setting doesn’t have to be outside, although it can be, but it must be the subject’s natural work environment.


Showcase Your Brand With Lifestyle Photography Photography-05-600x900

Injecting a little more personality into your website and marketing materials, environmental portraits show people interacting with their work: the carpenter framing a house onsite, the architect reviewing blueprints at a drafting table, the lawyer in the courthouse, or the chef preparing a dish in the kitchen. These portraits aren’t perfect, staged shots, they’re authentic. Today, people don’t want to see stock images of random construction workers, they want to see unique images of your construction workers wearing your hardhats, your safety vests, and well-worn gloves and Carhartts. They want to see something genuine, something real. They want to know who your people are and what your business is about: they want heart. Environmental portraiture is all about originality and authenticity. It gives people a behind-the-scenes peek into your business, creates engagement, and builds momentum. Plus, studies show that consumers respond more positively to photographs of real people in the real world. This is because environmental portraiture humanizes businesses – people want to know who they are supporting with their dollars, they want to feel good about where they spend. Our photographers can adapt to any environment and they love getting to know you and your business. Working with your staff in their own element allows them to relax, to be themselves, to chat about what they do and why they do it, which helps our photographers to capture natural, authentic poses.


Here are a few lifestyle shots by the Social Lite team

Commercial & Corporate Photographs

MG_8871-600x900Outside product photography and environmental portraits falls corporate – on-location shoots from events to exteriors, interiors, and traditional, posed headshots. Encompassing a wide range of disciplines and subject matters, our photographers tailor their work to your business’ brand.

Event and Corporate Photography

Photographing corporate events is great for marketing and morale – your clients will love seeing your staff at events and your staff will love seeing themselves there. It’s a great way to document your company’s history, to feed your social media accounts, and to encourage employee and client engagement. You can also use event photography to promote future events, on your website, or in advertising. Shooting buildings and interiors is its own niche and particularly important to architectural and construction firms as well as hotels and restaurants. This unique style of commercial photography is incredibly challenging – getting the right angle, the right light – but it creates striking photos that highlight your business’ expertise and experience. The quality of architectural photographs must be extremely high because of people’s unconscious association (bad photos = bad business), so our photographers work with the light to maintain integrity and a strong sense of place. Essential to this form is naturalness; these types of images must transport the viewer into the location.

SL-Photo-Derks-600x400Company Portraits and Headshots

Lastly, our team of photographers offers contemporary, posed, corporate headshots. Because this type of headshot focuses solely on the individual, lighting and facial expressions are crucial; our photographers adeptly direct subjects to achieve a natural, attractive portrait that accurately represents each person while still maintaining a consistent style that fits with your brand. Because your staff are constantly representing your business, providing them with professional headshots instills confidence in your brand – they’re especially great for social media platforms like LinkedIn and a great way to connect clients with your team on your website.

Here are a few commercial and corporate shots by the Social Lite team