A photograph has the ability to turn an expertly laid out design into just another web page. But it is also an element that can turn your pages into sales machines.

Put simply, the world has come a point in our digital evolution, where when we look at a web page, we can literally ignore certain types of images that our brain recognizes as routine. According to this study, “photos of products and real people (as opposed to stock photos of models) often fall into this category.”

The category of Ignore.


Graphic Design

Stock photography might not extinguish your website’s effectiveness completely, it will, however, fill up some space on your page. Real, authentic photography will leave your visitors feeling a connection to your business. There is a trust formed and they feel comfortable engaging you. The battle between a conversion and not making the sale is often won by showcasing your products with high-quality imagery.

Working with Social Lite comes with the added benefit of having a team of professional graphic designers and professional photographers at your disposal.  

Fashion and retail, heavy industry, and travel and tourism are verticals in which we offer specialized service.


Video Production

At Social Lite, our videographers, animators, and writers can take your rough concept and shape it into an engaging, creative video designed for inbound marketing and optimum reach. As your videos gain an audience, our marketing strategies will generate leads and create conversions.


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