Graphic Design Is An Integral Part Of Digital Marketing

In a digital world full of digital noise, a seamless, invisible design is everything; a good design is experienced, not noticed. Graphic design is about visual presentation, layout, colours, typography, and branding and how they work together to communicate your brand. It’s about aesthetics and experience. A good design is user friendly, visually pleasing, and consistent. From your web design to your social media presence, your eNewsletters, eBooks, white-papers, guides, brochures, menus, fliers, and checklists, a consistent design creates a trustworthy connection with your audience, drives engagement, and leaves a good first impression. Good visuals and design can communicate your brand in unconscious ways, appealing to people’s bias towards the beautiful.

We wrote and designed a series of comic strips for Abe’s Door Service. The constraint of writing comics about only garage doors was surprisingly fun!

Good Graphic Design is Good for Business

Given that most potential clients and customers will check you out online before contacting you, ensuring that your form positively supports your content is essential to leaving a lasting impression. When it comes to websites, 47% of users will choose a business based on its website alone. Employing good design throughout your business from your website to your print and online collateral is akin to dressing for success, it’s putting your best foot forward, and it’s guaranteed to create trust between you and your audience. Not to mention that great visuals increase brand recognition, whereas bad visuals create frustration, irritation, and dissatisfaction. Basically, people take one look at bad websites or poorly designed collateral and walk away – bad design repels people whereas good design soothes, pleases, and charms, grabbing your audience’s attention and ensuring that they digest your content. Honestly, sometimes people buy stuff simply because it looks better than its alternatives. When it comes down to choosing between two similarly priced services or products, people tend to choose the more attractive option. This is how you set yourself apart from your competition, you employ a polished, user-friendly design that is consistently applied to every aspect of your business’ brand: your website, your social media accounts, your business cards, your letterhead, your emails and newsletters, and your digital content. Consistency is key to your brand’s success and memorability. Design doesn’t just leave a strong impression; good design also sells. In fact, companies who value and invest in good design do better than ones that don’t, like 200% better. People naturally trust businesses whose design is user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing because design isn’t just about how it looks, it’s also about how it works. Design is about communication, it speaks to your customers about who you are as a business, what matters to you, and what matters to them. It’s not just about communication, it’s about connection.

Digital Design

Design-01-600x774Social Lite specializes in digital marketing and web design, so our focus is on making the most of your digital presence, which means making the most of your digital graphic design. Using inbound marketing techniques, we create beautiful, user friendly websites and graphics that consistently and effortlessly communicate and build your brand. Through design, we direct users through the site, leading them from your logo to your images and content, intentionally guiding them throughout your site to create engagement. Our designers are artists, they know how to use position, spacing, contrast, size, typography, and colour to navigate users through the site, creating a seamless experience – ultimately making the design itself invisible, and the site, eBooks, white papers, calls to action,  effortlessly usable. As a part of your marketing strategy, our team of graphic designers also create digital collateral that adds value to your clientele. Our designers create attractive social media content and they take the content our writers create and turn it into beautiful, digital documents like eNewsletters, eBooks, white-papers, guides, and checklists – all of which is strategically customized to your brand and clientele. Creating digital marketing collateral shows your clients that you’re thinking of them and what they need, it positions your business as a helpful expert, builds your brand, positions you as an industry leader, and differentiates your from your competitors who only provide their basic service for payment.

Print Design

Design-02-1024x1024In addition to our digital design offerings, Social Lite also offers graphic design for print collateral – items that your clientele physically interacts and engages with like brochures, fliers, guides, checklists, and menus. Even though so much marketing is online today, print collateral still matters. About 70% of people still prefer print advertising to online – it feels more personal and engaging to them, and people engage longer with print materials over digital. Ensuring that these items aren’t just cleverly designed, but also intentionally targeted to your audience, our team enhances your brand recognition and connection in print as well as online. It’s another opportunity to build your brand, maintain consistency, and create greater brand recognition. Whether your marketing collateral is digital or print, good collateral leaves a lasting impression, it claims space in your clientele’s minds, and ultimately influences their buying decisions. And good collateral stems from the union between great design and great writing – form is just as important as content.