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Build a full-scale customer acquisition campaign for your business with Social Lite's 12-month team training program.

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12-Month Team

Training Overview

Learn Digital Marketing from Experts

During this 12-month training program with your team, we will together build a full-scale customer acquisition campaign for your business following the exact strategies that Social Lite deploys for its clients, and for ourselves.

Month by month, and piece by piece, your team will build a full-scale digital marketing campaign that integrates SEO, social media, content, and email strategies to drive customers and accelerate revenue for your business.

Our team at Social Lite has deployed every strategy in this training program for numerous businesses, and as such, we have fine-tuned our training program to provide you with strategies that work.

Monthly Commitments from Your Team

-> Monthly Training Sessions (2 hours of instruction)

Every month, your team will be required to participate in a 2-hour training session with an instructor from Social Lite, someone who has built dozens of successful digital marketing campaigns with our clients. 

-> Monthly Assignments (2 to 4 hours of homework)

After each training session, each individual from your team will be required to complete an assignment based on that month's course material, which can take anywhere between 2 and 4 hours to complete.

The purpose of the assignment is to assess your understanding of each module’s course material, which will allow us to provide feedback and guidance towards improvement. It is of the utmost importance for the assignments to be completed, evaluated, and revised, because all work produces in the assignments will be used in your live digital marketing campaign once it launches.

Note that your instructor will assign each assignment with a pass or fail grade, as well as multiple rounds of feedback and revisions. 

-> Final Exam 

After your last training session, we will email you a final exam to test your integrated knowledge of digital marketing. You will be required to score at least 65% or greater on the exam, and you will have 3 attempts. 

All trainees on your team who complete the training program will receive a Certificate of Completion provided by Social Lite. 

Campaign Implementation

Throughout the duration of the training program, a team member from Social Lite will work with your business to help deploy your marketing campaign deliverables accurately and effectively. This will sometimes require advanced website development and implementation on our end, but we will educate you on the process along the way. 

Where do we train?

If you are in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, we can meet at Social Lite every month for the training sessions. If you are anywhere else in North America, we will meet through video conferencing.

Amplify results together, forever

Digital marketing succeeds most when everyone in a company is on board and collectively contributes to your campaign's results. When a company develops a culture of content, where collaboration flourishes, there’s no limit to your potential.

This concept is at the heart of our training program, and is vital to longterm digital marketing success. We will help your team adopt best practices early on, and integrate content into work routines, so your can continue building and launching marketing campaigns far beyond your last training session.



Module 1: Developing your campaign strategy by mapping your Customer Value Journey. 
(month 1, 2 hours)

There are three main ingredients in our first training session, AKA Marketing Bootcamp.

1) Customer Avatar Canvas - here we decipher who we are marketing to. This includes who they work for, their role in the purchase decision, what websites they go to, etc.

2) The Before and After Grid - this is where we define the transformation that your product or service will ignite in your potential customers. This worksheet defines the core messaging in every piece of copy, graphic, web page. We need to learn to speak in transformation.

3) The Customer Value Journey. This is our favourite part of the process because this is where we take our Customer Avatar and plan out the sequence in which they become your customer.

The key word here is SEQUENCE. Because in order to have a sales process that is PREDICTABLE, it has to be, it needs to be… SEQUENTIAL.

Assignment: Complete further Customer Avatar research. What are your customers’ informations sources? What are their pain and passion points? What are their objections to your sale?

Module 2: Developing your Editorial Calendar by understanding your audience’s pain and passion points, and what they are searching for online. 

(month 2, 2 hours)

The second training session will focus on planning your content strategy. In order to attract relevant traffic to your website, all content you create needs to add undeniable value to your target customer. So, we need to research and understand what content your customer finds undeniably valuable. We will plan your content strategy utilizing two approaches:

1) We will together brainstorm and dive deep to determine the most commonly asked questions your sales team receives during the sales process. You are the experts of your business, and you know the challenges your customers face. We will list the topics that provide the deepest value and meaning to your customer-base.

2) At Social Lite, we have access to some pretty cool, advanced marketing tools. We will together complete a keyword and topic research exercise to accurately identify what your target customers are actually looking for in Google. We want to create content that provides answers to what they want to know. 

Assignment: Write a blog post based on top-searched keywords in your industry, while adhering to the structure outlined in Social Lite’s blog-writing checklist.


Module 3: Converting website visitors into an engaged community of prospects with a lead magnet and nurturing strategy. 

(month 3, 2 hours)

In this third training session, we will discuss the various subscription strategies that can be integrated into your campaign to convert website traffic to contacts. We will be reviewing lead magnets such as quizzes, checklists, eBooks, webinars and other subscription strategies.

Assignment: Craft content for a lead magnet that will be used in your campaign based on the framework presented by Social Lite.

Module 4: How to convert prospects into paying customers by integrating an irresistible offer strategy and developing a sales page optimized for conversion. 

(month 4, 2 hours)

In the fourth training session, we will be discussing how sales pages are used to convert email contacts and website visitors to paying customers, or qualified sales leads. We will together develop content for a landing page (sales page) which will be hosted on your website to present the convert offer that we determined during the first training session, when we mapped your Customer Value Journey.

Assignment: Write content for the sales page following Social Lite’s landing page content checklist.

Module 5: How to analyze, measure, and report the success of your campaign. 
(month 5, 2 hours)

To succeed at attracting and converting customers, your digital marketing campaign will require persistent measurement, tweaking and adjusting based on the data and insights you generate. We will look at how to measure the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at the 8 stages of your Customer Value Journey, and discuss how to make strategic decisions based on your results.

 Assignment: Collect KPIs for each of the 8 stages of your Customer Value Journey.

Module 6: Splinter Content: how to create a social media strategy that will supercharge targeted customer traffic to your website. 
(month 6, 2 hours)

Remember when we created blog posts based on the real solutions your target customers are actually searching for online? Well, now we are going to publish your blog posts on social media, using snippets of content from the blogs. The blogs are the heart of your content strategy, and the social post will be previews that intrigue your target customers and motivate them to click to read more. We will explore best social media practices for Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.  Click here to read more about social media marketing. 

Assignment: Write splinter content for your social media pages: Instagram, Facebook and/or LinkedIn.

Module 7: How to advertise your social media content to get in front of audiences who actually needs your solution (products and services).
(month 7, 2 hours)

Remember when we created your Customer Avatar in the first training session? During this sixth session we will explore the various social media advertising platforms and build targeted lists for your customer segment based on your Customer Avatar.

Assignment: Following Social Lite’s instruction, you will write social ads that speak to your customer’s pain and passion points.

Module 8: How 10x content and SEO strategy will skyrocket your URL to the top of Google. Revisit old blog posts.
(month 8, 2 hours)

When we wrote blogs after the second training session, we didn’t only write them to be shared and advertised on social media. New, fresh, ongoing content that is relevant to your visitors is the number one factor that will improve your search ranking on Google. And the more robust and valuable your blogs are to your user, the more Google will give you credit. According to Astrology, we can only see the stars in the sky that are 10 times brighter than the stars next to them. The same goes for blog content, hence the name 10x content.

Assignment: We will revisit the original blogs we created for assignment #2 and we will add additional content to improve your authority with Google.

Module 9: Advocacy can be your most powerful marketing tool — how to proactively build brand advocates and demonstrate social proof.
(month 9, 2 hours)

Social proof is a term we use in marketing when your customers voluntarily validate and demonstrate the value of your products or services. When website visitors see social proof, that other customers vouch for you, you immediately build credibility and earn trust. We will build your social proof by collecting client testimonials and creating case studies.

Assignment: Your assignment will be collecting testimonials and/or Google reviews from your best customer(s).

Module 10: Why video content needs to be part of your company’s culture, daily routine, and sales process.
(month 10, 2 hours)

Video is quickly becoming the content medium most interacted with by online users. Social media users love video, Google loves video (providing SEO points for integrating video on your site), and most importantly, your customers consume video content. Video needs to be routinely captured and utilized in your social media campaigns, website content, and even sales strategies. We’ll show you why.

 Assignment: Create a simple video following Social Lite’s “Video 6” template.

Module 11: How to intentionally motivate your best customers to drive referrals to your business.
(month 11, 2 hours)

Your brand advocates are those who provide you with testimonials and referrals. Your promoters are the advocates who actively send you new referrals, leads and sales opportunities. We will discuss various strategies for how to equipped your best customers to [effectively] join your sales team!

Assignment: Incentivize your best customers to promote your offers based on the strategy identified during this training session.

Module 12: What's next for your campaign? Repeat, report, adapt.
(month 12, 2 hours)

During the last month of your 12-month training program, we will review the steps needed to keep your campaign going tomorrow, year-round, and forever. Successful digital marketing requires consistent execution and analysis to see what's working. Based on monthly measurable data, you will need to continually adapt your strategy to incrementally improve your results. During this session we will lay the foundation for your longterm digital marketing campaign.  

Assignment: Create a longterm editorial calendar and a yearend report. 



Pricing for one person per month for 12 months: $2500 / month (+ GST)

Pricing for three or more people per month for 12 months: $850 / month + GST per person