Each month during your 12-month training program, your instructor will teach you how to develop and deploy proven digital marketing strategies to drive leads to a specific product or service offering for your business. Our team at Social Lite has deployed every strategy in this training program for numerous businesses, and as such, we have fine-tuned our training program to provide you with strategies that work.

Every month, you will be required to participate in a 2-hour training session, which will conclude with a quiz to score your understanding of the module’s course material. At the end of each monthly course, you will also be assigned to deploy the strategy that your learned on your business. You will have one month to complete the assignment, and each week, your instructor will spend one hour with your team reviewing your progress and providing you with constructive feedback as you bring your project to completion. At the end of the month, your instructor will evaluate your completed project and provide you with a grade between 1 and 10 for that specific module. Throughout the duration of the training program, a team member from Social Lite will work with your business to help deploy your marketing campaign deliverables accurately and effectively.

Instructional hours for each monthly module:

  • 2-hour in-person training session each month
  • ½ hour phone call every week to review assignment progress
  • 1-hour review of completed project at the end of each month

Once you complete all 9 modules, we will average the score of your monthly module quizzes and assignments to provide you with a final grade. By the end of the 9-month training program, your team will have built a sophisticated, fully-integrated digital marketing campaign for your business aimed to drive targeted leads to your service offering.

Program evaluation:

  • Quiz at the end of each monthly module
  • Monthly project evaluation
  • Final evaluation equals the average of all quiz and project scores


Note: The training classes take place between 9am and 1pm on the fourth Thursday of every month.

Module 1: Mapping The Customer Value Journey | Month 1 (2 hours)

  • Description: Create a roadmap that will predictably transform ice cold prospects into buyers and promoters.
  • Assignment: Map the customer value journey of one core offer for one target buyer persona.

Module 2: 20-Point Offer Optimization Checklist | Month 2 (2 hours)

  • Description: Test each of these elements on every offer you make.
  • Assignment: Review, evaluate and optimize your core offer.

Module 3: Boomerang Traffic Plan | Month 3 (2 hours)

  • Description: The step-by-step plan to dynamic Facebook retargeting using Website Custom Audiences.
  • Assignment: Deploy Facebook retargeting campaign for your core offer.

Module 4: Social Selling: Generating Leads from Social Media | Month 4 (2 hours)

  • Description: Learn to connect organic social media to top line sales and leads.
  • Assignment: Promote your offer within organic content campaign.

Module 5: Flash Sale Formula | Month 5 (2 hours)

  • Description: Activate buyers on your email list and from cold traffic with a Flash Sale Funnel.
  • Assignment: Create and distribute limited-time offer to email list.

Module 6: 9-Part Email Subscriber Win Back Campaign | Month 6 (2 hours)

  • Description: Win back email subscribers that have disengaged from your email list. That means higher open rates, more clicks and more traffic for YOU!
  • Assignment: Create and deploy sequential email campaign to cold list.

Module 7: The Tripwire Offer: The 18-Step Customer Acquisition Strategy | Month 7 (2 hours)


    Learn to use Tripwire Offers to generate as many leads and new buyers as you can handle.
  • Assignment: Create enticing Tripwire Offer to initiate an initial transaction with new customers.

Module 8: How to Build & Optimize the Perfect Product Page | Month 8 (2 hours)

  • Description: Questions, elements, types, and build for the perfect product page.
  • Assignment: Develop and launch the perfect product page for one of your most sought after products or services.

Module 9: Facebook Messenger Marketing Blueprint | Month 9 (2 hours)

  • Description: A step-by-step guide to using Facebook Messenger Marketing to generate conversations, leads, and sales for your business.
  • Assignment: Plan, create and deploy Facebook Messenger lead generation campaign.

Module 10: The YouTube Retargeting System | Month 10 (2 hours)

  • Description: Develop a target lead generation sequence utilizing retargeting strategies for YouTube advertising.
  • Assignment: Set up 3 different types of funnels using YouTube ad retargeting.

Module 11: Landing Page Testing Formula | Month 11 (2 hours)

  • Description: Developing a high converting landing page requires a lot of work, but is one of the best ways to see a positive ROI on your marketing campaigns. This entire training session is based on how to test landing pages in order to squeeze out the highest ROI.
  • Assignment: Test a live landing page using this formula.

Module 12: Building a Promotion Gameplan | Month 12 (2 hours)

  • Description: Learn how to build a monthly promotional calendar and measure your success! Promotional calendars are an important tool for every aspect of your business. There are 2 important reasons why the best time to build a promotion calendar is right now, which we will discuss.
  • Assignment: create a promotional calendar for your campaign.



Pricing for one person per month for 12 months: $2500 / month (+ GST)

Pricing for three or more people per month for 12 months: $850 / month + GST per person