Every interaction matters…

If you are engaging in any kind of digital marketing, you need to be able to track your KPIs and gauge the success of your campaign. Analytics and reporting allow us to set benchmarks and to watch the line charts go up and to the right. Understanding completely how people interact with your site is crucial to identifying how well your website is working for you and what you can do to increase traffic and conversions – whatever a conversion means to you.

At Social Lite, we’ll give you actionable information on any metric you ask us for and also teach you how to find important data on your own as well.


We are assessors.

By tying your marketing campaigns back to results, you’ll know exactly which dials to turn to increase your marketing ROI and boost conversions. We will help you measure your on and offline marketing initiatives and provide you with clearer insights in to which campaigns are working and which aren’t.

We are decision makers.
The best results are driven by the right decisions. Through our findings, we can uncover the right metrics for your company or organization. From this, we’ll help you uncover actionable insights to take your business to the next level.

We are optimizers.
No matter what platform you use, we’re here to help you make sense of the numbers that matter the most and turn them into the insightful data so you are able to optimize your business—the most efficient way.