What is Conversion Marketing?

The old marketing was about advertising, direct mail lists, and hoping for qualified leads. Today, with the power of social media and some great new digital tools, inbound marketing attracts ideal customers to you with content that satisfies their mind stages of attention, curiosity, and commitment. By attracting the right prospects with the right content at the right time, inbound marketing will increase the quality of traffic that you can then close. Social Lite’s inbound marketing process is outlined below.


Buyer stage: Attention

Blogs, social media, search engines, email, landing pages, social ads

First we will create content that provides a solution to a specific problem that your ideal client is facing. Next we will distribute this problem-solving content to your target audience through social media, blogs, emails and search engines. Your target customer will see your content, find it useful, and click through to your website to learn more about how you can solve their problem. This is the first step in driving website traffic, positioning yourself as an industry authority, and building trust in the relationship.

Buyer stage: Curiosity

Content offers, landing pages, forms, calls-to-action, thank-you pages, and contacts

We will help you develop relationships with website visitors who are most interested in your services. To do this, we will offer visitors high value content in exchange for an email address. This content, which may come in the form of a promotion, newsletter, manual, guide, checklist, ebook, white paper, or webinar, is called a content offer. Once visitors opt-in for your content offer in exchange for an email address, they are now leads who have entered the your email marketing workflow.

Buyer stage: Commitment

Email workflows, sales communication, and additional valuable content

The instant visitors enter your funnel and become leads, they also enter your email marketing workflow. Through workflows, we will continually nurture leads through your funnel with scheduled communication and additional content that provides value. At each level of the funnel (top, middle and bottom), the content you provide becomes more specific to the problems your customers are experiencing and continues to provide solutions. Analytics will allow us to determine when prospects are ready to commit.

Buyer stage: Advocacy

Feedback forms, email workflows and newsletters, social media and blogging

Satisfied customers will be key to gaining referrals, developing social proof (e.g. testimonials), and increasing repeat sales. Through inbound marketing, we will help you find new customers, but relationship building will not end there. By continuing to provide customers with valuable content, you are not only positioning yourself as an industry expert, but you’re also positioning yourself as a valuable resource who continues to provide value long past the sale. By delighting your audience with valuable content in the long-term, customers will deepen their trust for you and begin to advocate for your services.