Strategy Leads to Success

According to a recent survey by ComScore, 92% of people use online platforms to find and connect with businesses. This alarming percentage tells us that as a business, you need to ensure your marketing strategy addresses two key areas: 1) that your customers can find you online when they’re searching for your products or service, and 2) that you can find your customer online and provide value to them.

In scenario #1, your target customer is actively looking for your service or product but doesn’t know where to look. Where will your customer search? And how will you ensure your customer finds you when searching? In scenario # 2, your target customer will need your service or product down the road, but not today. How will you reach this customer? And how will you stay top-of-mind when it’s time to purchase?

Our team at Social Lite can help you develop a results-driven digital marketing strategy that will identify which strategies are most effective for your company and industry, and which tactics to implement that will best attract, convert and nurture leads. We can help you capture the attention of your potential customers and nurture their interest in your product or service until they’re ready to purchase. We will create a marketing plan that our team can also execute with the highest standard of execution year round, or we can complete the strategy and train your team on what to do next.


The Purpose of Marketing is to Drive Sales, … Not to Do More Marketing

You can’t drive revenue with just a pretty new website, or logo. Instead, you will need to clearly differentiate yourself in your client’s mind with a compelling reason for them to buy. We will take the answers to questions like those above and help you install a proven sales and marketing system based on a clear strategy to help you drive new sales.

Ayo, ayo, ayo.

turning to online sources to find and engage even local businesses.

So, if you’re not focused on creating a total online presence, one that gives you a distinct competitive advantage in the market, your business won’t survive long in the world as we know it today.

Here’s the thing though, online marketing isn’t really that complicated. In fact, the fundamentals of gaining the elements of know, like and trust using online tools are essentially the same offline as they are online.

In Other Words, If You Build a Total Online Marketing Presence

That’s why we created the Total Online Presence program so that every small business owner could learn the best way to tap into the incredible power of online marketing and master the strategies, tactics and tools required to build the most complete approach to online marketing.



Where We Can Help

While you may have most of the answers you need to compete online, you’re probably searching for a systematic approach to building the social media marketing foundation that will allow your business to thrive.

And that’s where I think we can help.

The most important element of online marketing is to create a system. Business owners have been bombarded with the online idea or tool of the week. It’s no wonder it seems complicated and convoluted, when in fact, it’s really not that hard to understand at all . . .

  • If you build a simple foundation based on proven customer generating techniques
  • If you know the precise order you must work in order to be most profitable
  • If you understand how to create content that generates the most traffic
  • If you focus on the essential practices that search engines love
  • If you understand exactly what makes money and what doesn’t

  • If you know how to turn social media participation into sales
  • If you learn the simple secrets of tapping thousands of visits from online advertising
  • If you know how to capture permission to market to every web site visitor
  • If you know where to invest your dollars and where to avoid
  • If you have a crystal ball that grants you insight into your competitors marketing
  • If you can quickly gauge the effectiveness of every move you make
  • If you approach your online presence logically and practically