How we took an RV leveling block to the “next level” through branded content

by Ivana Radojevic on January 9 2019

What do you do when you have a client who sells online, in store at large retailers like Walmart, has a global audience, and exudes plenty of character?

You amplify their presence through uniquely branded and diversified content.

Here’s how:

About Tri-Lynx Corporation

Tri-Lynx Corporation is the manufacturer of the number one RV leveling block in North America: Lynx Levelers.

Launched in the early ‘90s, Lynx Levelers are one of the original leveling blocks on the market, characterized by their patented octagonal design and bright orange colour. They’re designed to interlock like legos, allowing users to level their RVs in one inch increments, safely and securely.

The complete leveling kit consists of Lynx Levelers, Stop ‘N Chocks -- as the name suggests, these allow users to safely chock their RV -- and Lynx Caps -- which provide a full, flat surface on the levelers without increasing stack height. Tri-Lynx also manufactures the Chock ‘R Dock, which works great as a safety chock and doubles as a dock.

In addition to the complete RV leveling system above, Tri-Lynx is known for its RV accessories, such as the Stay-Put Plug Holder and Stay-Put Hanger, as well as its popular line of Lynx Lites.



We want to show you how we took Tri-Lynx to the “next level”, but first: let’s take a look at the challenge they were facing when they came to us.

The business challenge

When Tri-Lynx first approached us in all their orange awesomeness they already had a decent presence on Facebook (approximately 14k likes), but that was pretty well the only presence they had online, apart from an outdated and largely SEO-lacking website.

Their sales were good, but we knew they could be better.

And their packaging? Well, it was still mostly stuck in the ‘90s.

Our challenge was three-fold:

  1. Grow Tri-Lynx’s online presence.

  2. Maximize in-store and online sales.

  3. Position Tri-Lynx as the leveler of choice.

After our first meeting with Tri-Lynx, we learned some key pieces of information, which we quickly identified as opportunities:

challenge-1-small challenge-2-smallThe good news here? Once we got the ball rolling on their account (and we mean really rolling!), their main competitor kind of fell off the face of the earth…

But before we share our secret sauce, let’s discuss their content marketing goals, shall we?


Content marketing goals

Armed with all this top-notch intel, it was time to get to work:

  1. Take Tri-Lynx’s online presence and make it bigger and badder. The key here was to hit the perfect balance between staying on brand with what Lynx’s online voice has been all these years (lighthearted, fun, witty, and orange), and appealing to a younger audience -- the VanLifers, Wanderlusters, Roadtrippers, OffTheGridders, and VintageCamperLovers.

  2. Revamp their Amazon with product pages and new imagery to help them come up in more searches, rank better, and beat out the competition. This comes with new packaging and a focus on their 10-year warranty on levelers for in-store and online use. The end result? More sales.

  3. Position Tri-Lynx as the leveler of choice by building authority on all things RV related through a series of helpful videos, infographics, and blogs, including the incredibly popular Vintage RV Before and After Remodels blog and the Reno Hacks series of blogs.

Content marketing strategy

Ok, so now it’s time for the secret sauce.

We used a number of marketing strategies with Tri-Lynx:

  • Content marketing and advertising
  • Email marketing
  • Search engine marketing
  • Graphic design and photography
  • Video scripting, filming and production

Content marketing


The Tri-Lynx blog, which we started from scratch, now features incredibly popular vintage camper posts, reno hacks posts, quizzes, contests, and infographics.

The Vintage RV Before and Afters blog continues to drive an insane amount of traffic to their website, including from pins on Pinterest before Tri-Lynx ever even had a Pinterest account! To give you a rough idea: over 30 per cent of their website traffic is driven from social media with Pinterest a close second to Facebook.


What would social media be without a few fun contests and some good will?

We’ve run a number of these on the Tri-Lynx account, including contests promoting the submission of user-generated photos and the wildly popular “counting contests”. 





But let’s just chat about some numbers real quick.

Social Media

We started the @lynxlevelers Instagram account from scratch -- that’s right, zero followers. We knew Lynx needed to be on Instagram to talk to a younger demographic than that found on their Facebook or Twitter feeds, so the approach needed to be slightly altered. This involved different imagery (a combination of sourced and original photography), a slightly different voice that still remained “Lynx” at its core, and a more curated approach.

We’re proud to say their Instagram account went from zero to over 11k followers at the time of writing, and their engagement is extraordinary!


Photo Credit: @lynxlevelers

On Facebook we use a mix of humorous, product-specific, RV-related, and contest content. Here, too, Tri-Lynx has seen steady growth from 14k likes when we took over, to 22k and growing.

The majority of traffic to the Tri-Lynx website is driven via organic search, which indicates the strength of the company’s brand recognition. Social media is a close second, where we use a mix of organic and targeted paid reach.

Click here for more social media marketing tips.


It’s always great when people promote your products for you. Like this nice #VanLifer:


Photo Credit: @kylorich

A collaboration should be the right fit: unforced, value-aligned, and not strictly for likes and comments, but rather for access to another target audience whom you would like to engage with.

Tri-Lynx partnered with a Tasmanian lifestyle, adventure, and travel photographer who truly loves the outdoors and lives the ultimate #VanLife, plus his ride could use some orange. The results of the collaboration were even better than we could have hoped. His post received over 6k likes and over a hundred comments.

Screen Shot 2018-10-17 at 10.17.21 AMPhoto Credit: @wildbonde

Email marketing

We created a branded template for a monthly newsletter, which includes technical, product and fun content. Over the course of our work on the account, the newsletter list has steadily grown from a few hundred subscribers, to several thousand.

Most recently, we ran a “WHAT KIND OF RV ARE YOU?” quiz on the account, which generated hundreds of new subscribers in just a couple of weeks.


See, fun content.

Search engine marketing

Two words: New. Website.

Tri-Lynx’s original website was image-heavy with very little text and next to no keyword-heavy alt tags.

We revamped the website with new imagery, more relevant text, appropriate alt tags, and customer reviews. Plus, we created an e-commerce store that not only sold Tri-Lynx products directly, but linked to where people could buy Tri-Lynx on Amazon and, thus improving the user experience and making buying Lynx products quick and easy.

In addition, we revamped Tri-Lynx’s Amazon presence by revamping the pages for their products. Amazon’s A+ pages are essentially little micro-sites that allow you to add detailed product descriptions, upload images, logos, and highlight key features.


The result? Our first year working on the account Tri-Lynx had record Amazon Prime Day sales.

Graphic design and photography

Tri-Lynx has some phenomenal products, but their packaging was stuck in the ‘90s...


We re-branded their packaging, emphasizing their 10-year warranty on Lynx Levelers, and made sure all packaging had a consistent look and feel.


We also wanted to put the “Lynx” touch on everyday things, like a map of Texas:


The idea is to ensure people recognize Lynx products, whether they see them online or in-store.

Video scripting, filming and production

What would a leveling block be without a “how to level” video?

We asked ourselves that same question, especially since, until we made one, there were really no useful leveling videos out there, and especially none that showed how to use Lynx Levelers properly.

So, we created one. 


The above video has been viewed over 20k times.

But, we took it one step further.

Introducing: Larry and Connor.


They are the lovable characters we created and casted, wrote scripts for, and really gave a face to Lynx with.

Check out the full video below: 



“We at Tri-Lynx have entrusted Social Lite after starting off only with a mandate to increase social media awareness, but within a few short months we allowed them to execute a much wider array of tasks, which now primarily relate to branding as much as anything else.

The knowledge and effort Social Lite has given us has allowed us to ward off our many competitors’ efforts to surpass us. We are having a record sales year this year and I believe it is in large part due to how we have taken my vision as the marketing director and passing this on to those that are able to execute that vision from A-Z.”

- Lance Bubalo, Marketing Director, Tri-Lynx Corporation 

The key lesson here?

It’s not difficult to market a great product; you just have to find the right angles to distinguish it from the competition.

Remember folks: “Wood is for campfires. Lynx is for leveling.” 


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