Wake-Up Call: Your Visual Content Is Boring

by Ivana Radojevic on September 9 2015

When you can't seem to find a visual muse, you run the risk of posting some seriously boring content. Fun fact: you don't have to be a design genius to envision your next great concept. All you need is a little inspiration.

For those days when you just can't seem to put together a decent concept to save your life, take a break and browse through these Instagram accounts instead. They're sure to get those creative juices flowing. 


Spaniard, Hugo Castro, uses his Instagram account as a platform to express his feelings and emotions. His photography is his therapy. Although a little morbid at times, you can definitely draw some inspiration from his impressive conceptual skill.   




This account is bursting with Alice in Wonderland-inspired creativity that will have you questioning your own sanity at times. From creepy rabbits to twisted depictions of bodily limbs, you're guaranteed some utterly strange inspiration for your next creative brief. 




Anna is another Spanish sensation from Valencia taking the Instagram world by storm. Based on some extensive creeping through her pictures, we've gathered that she's an architect, which explains the perfect angles and overall appreciation for architecture evident throughout her photography. If you've given up on your own architectural dreams, you can easily draw some inspiration from her collection of perfectly proportionate shots. 




For a pop of colour, look no further than Paris-based Aurelle Cerise. Her rainbow-inspired account is clean, crisp and bursting with bright colours that'll even make -40 conditions in Edmonton seem somewhat less gloomy. 




Last but not least, we're really loving Ibrahim Hammada's photos. Hammada, originally from Syria and now living in Germany, is another architecture enthusiast who somehow manages to make even a chair look haute couture. 



There you have it. Next time you're looking for inspiration for yet another creative brief or photo shoot, browse through these accounts for visual content that'll get them ideas churning.


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