Guess who barfed first: Social Lite's CrossFit adventure

by Scott Cunningham on April 1 2015

 Recently, Capital City Athletics moved into our neighbourhood, so we decided to go pump some iron as a team. We were feeling pretty tough right off the bat, until we realized that was just the warm-up...

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We learned the CrossFit mentality of pushing each other verbally right off the bat, and encouraging chants and hollers could be heard reverberating off the gym walls. This is the kind of work out that requires you to exercise your vocal chords too.


We managed to keep smiling through the pain (sort of!) -


- and gained a new perspective on fitness!

If you want a wicked butt-kicking, go visit Ryan at Capital City Athletics. He doesn't mess around!



Good hustle team! Now which one of these Social Lites pushed it to the limit?





"Never give up." - Semi



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