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by Scott Cunningham on April 21 2015

For our clients in the fashion and beauty industry, it's crucial that we stay up to date on new trends and create useful and relevant articles to intrigue our readers - without the overbearing sales tactics. If the reader isn't entertained or leaving with useful information, they are off to the next eye-catching hub of information. One tool we use to engage our followers - and create new ones - is blogging. Here is a sample of a lifestyle blog we would create for a client in the natural, wellness, beauty or fashion industry.

One of the major trends we've seen in the beauty industry is a consumer shift back to craving more natural ingredients. The majority of consumers have no interest in product descriptions that include a long list of chemicals they can't pronounce! We've noticed an increase in products with the alluring rose aroma, inspiring the following natural beauty blog post:

Natural Beauty | DIY Hydrating Rose Water Mist

Rose water mist is a decadent way to refresh and hydrate your face, while bringing out your skin's natural glow. High-end beauty and skin care brands like Chantecaille, Jurlique and Josie Maran all endorse the nourishing and moisturizing benefits of this natural gem. The fresh and floral aroma of rose alone instantly boosts your mood and feelings of positivity and romanticism, so it's no secret why rose is an important ingredient in luxurious creams, serums and fragrances. Even the ancient Greeks and Romans regarded massive public rose gardens as important as wheat fields because of their ability to uplift one's spirits! So this spring, revitalize your skin and beauty regime by creating your own bottle of dreamy rose water mist.

What You'll Need

Fresh roses - the fresher the better (ideally picked fresh so you know they aren't sprayed with any chemicals), distilled water, hot water safe bowl, sterilized glass spray bottle and palmarosa essential oil (optional).


Step 1: Rinse the roses so they are clean. Pluck the petals off, leaving the bulb and stem behind. Place them in a large hot water safe bowl.



Step 2: Pour boiling water over the rose petals. Keep the ratio of petals to roses even, so you get a stronger more potent rose water.


Step 3: Let the petals steep until the water is cool and the petals lose their colour. This is your basic rose water! Pour it into a sterilized glass spray bottle and add 1-2 drops of palmarosa essential oil to enhance the hydrating benefits of your mist.

*Palmarosa is used to soothe skin because of its ability to hydrate and has a calming and refreshing rose-like aroma, making it a perfect addition to boost your rose water.

We recommend keeping your spray in the fridge to keep it fresher longer, but also because it feels amazing to spritz on before your am moisturizer while it's chilled! Keep a small spritz bottle in your purse or on your desk at work for a refresher throughout the day.


Enjoy! xx

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