The Ultimate 2019 Digital Marketing Quiz

by Simon Trafford on March 19 2019

We're back with a new and improved Digital Marketing Quiz that will let you flex your syntaxes and stretch your synapses. I know, that wasn't the best rhyme of all time, but that's not why we're here. We want to find out if you are with it in the digital age of 2019. And there's only one way to find out: take the official 2019 Digital Marketing Quiz.

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If you want to preview the questions to see if you have what it takes (and maybe even do some research before you commit), well, here are they are:

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  1. When using heat-mapping software, you're collecting what kind of data?

    1. Qualitative Data
    2. Quantitative Data
    3. Google Analytics
    4. Financial Data

  2. The most effective way to get to the top of an SERP (search engine results page) is:

    1. Use your focus keyword in your page title
    2. Write a top 10 list about your topic
    3. Send a letter to Google and ask them to put your link on the first page
    4. Create a page that is full of rich content about your topic, including bullet points, numbered lists, videos, and graphics, that provides a fresh perspective on your topic

  3. SSL stands for:

    1. System Security Log
    2. Secure Sockets Layer
    3. Stable System Layer
    4. Scientifical Study Language

  4. What metric best helps you determine how much money you should spend in order to acquire a customer:

    1. Customer Lifetime Value / Customer Acquisition Cost
    2. ROAS
    3. Bounce Rate
    4. Instagram Followers

  5. What is the goal of a blog’s headline?

    1. To convert it into an ad
    2. To roll off the tongue
    3. To summarise your blog post
    4. To entice someone to click it

  6. What is the optimal line length of a blog page?

    1. However wide the window is.
    2. 20-30 characters
    3. 50-60 characters
    4. The length of a Tweet

  7. A one-minute video is worth:

    1. Its weight in gold.
    2. 1.8 million words.
    3. 1,000 words.
    4. Six chickens, two dozen eggs, and a pound of butter.

  8. The "H" in h1, h2, h3, etc. stands for:

    1. Hold
    2. Hodor
    3. Heavy
    4. Heading

  9. What is a slug?

    1. A slimy creature that is afraid of copper
    2. A shotgun bullet that doesn’t spread when fired
    3. The part of a URL that identifies a particular page on a website
    4. Slang for a useless human

  10. What's a lead magnet?

    1. In a row of magnetised spheres, it’s the sphere at the front of the line
    2. A valuable piece of content your prospects can download in exchange for their contact information
    3. A magnet made out of the element Pb
    4. A good looking person that attracts the curling players who throw the first rocks

  11. What's a Tripwire?

    1. A dangerous obstacle
    2. A low-cost offer that leads to an upsell opportunity
    3. A pop-up to get people to sign up for a newsletter
    4. A travel website

  12. CTA stands for what?

    1. Combat Tactical Action
    2. Contracted Trade-off Agreement
    3. Call To Action
    4. Content That Attracts

  13. Paid ads are a great way to extend your organization's reach! Which of these websites, that allows paid ads, is ranked highest on the list of most popular websites globally?

    1. Twitter
    2. Reddit
    3. Instagram
    4. Yahoo

  14. What does a Facebook pixel do?

    1. Sell my information to Russia
    2. Track what I do on websites
    3. Allow Peter Pan to fly
    4. It's a line of consumer electronic devices developed by Google

  15. Which of the following is NOT a lead magnet?

    1. Budget calculator
    2. Newsletter opt-in
    3. Coupon offer
    4. Business health checklist

  16. How many characters should optimally be in a page's meta description?

    1. 155
    2. 500
    3. 15
    4. 1,555

  17. If the height doesn't matter, but width matters, what is the width you should have your photos at on a website (in pixels)?

    1. 800
    2. 1,000
    3. 1,200
    4. 2,400

  18. How many items should be in your site's navigation?

    1. 8-10
    2. 5-7
    3. 2-4
    4. 3-5

  19. True or false? When working with influencers online, if you are paying them you have the rights to repurposes their content as you see fit, but if you are not paying them they own the content (HINT: Answer is in the video above).

    1. True, if you pay for it it's yours, if you don't it's theirs
    2. False, even if you pay for the collaboration they can still charge you licensing fees
    3. Partly true, even if you are not paying them, but they accept the product and follow through with the collaboration, you own the content
    4. False, you should always have a professional agent or agency handle the influencers collaborations so feelings don't get hurt

  20. What's the main purpose of pillar content?

    1. To improve SEO and organic traffic
    2. It's a structural support system for your site
    3. To describe company values
    4. To entertain your audience


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