10 ways you can build your network with LinkedIn

by Scott Cunningham on July 24 2015

LinkedIn is one of the oldest digital platforms and certainly the largest when it comes to business-related social media. Whether you are promoting a business, job searching, or connecting with others in your field, LinkedIn is considered the premier hub of influential, affluent professionals.

We've compiled 10 tips for gaining success and relations in this powerhouse community:




1) InMail is your friend. You’re more likely to get a response from a cold contact on LinkedIn than you are with email.

2) Groups are LinkedIn’s secret weapon. These gather your ideal customers together and give you the opportunity to connect with them directly.

3) Make sure your company page has a great description, photo, and posts regularly. This adds to your professional look and gives you more credibility when cold messaging.

4) Get all your employees to correctly connect to your company page. It’ll boost your follower count and drive more traffic to your page.


Did you know...?
There are two new LinkedIn members every second!


5) Showcase Pages are ways that you can highlight specific product categories and allow people to follow specific sections of you company.

6) Keep things somewhat formal. LinkedIn is typically a lot more professional and stiff. Speak like you’d speak in any regular office.

7) Cross post your blog posts to your personal LinkedIn page for extra distribution and reach. Use the blogging elements available on your personal profile.

8) Create and manage your own group – a great tactic to pre-qualify customers. This requires a lot of interaction, but it’s a great way of meeting your customers and understanding their problems.

9) Use responses from discussion questions as the basis for blog content.

10) Add your company’s LinkedIn to your signatures.how to attract and convert website leads

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