10 Tips To Increase Your Engagement and Exposure on Your Facebook Fan Page

by Scott Cunningham on June 23 2015

We work on Facebook every day, which means we need to stay on top of the ever-changing trends and strategies to make the platform a successful marketing tool for our clients. Although the landscape of "dos and don'ts" seems to fluctuate, you can integrate a few key tips to your Facebook marketing routine to meet your business goals. Making a few simple changes to how and why you post can make a huge difference in your online presence, plus it never hurts to include cute puppy photos for that extra boost!


Social Media Tricks and Tips: Facebook Fan Page Engagement and Exposure


1) Facebook favours video posts over image posts, and image posts over text-only posts. Link posts are also currently highly favoured. Don’t do an image post with a link in the caption, this is not great for reach.

2) Add the link you want to share as the first comment for extra exposure.

3) Post regularly but focus on posting later in the day. Facebook usage spikes at lunch and between 3pm and 9pm. Aim to post between 2-4 times a day (note: this is not a universal rule - just an introductory guideline. Make sure you test many times throughout the year).

4) Get 5-10 people in your close social circle to commit to liking as many of your posts as possible. For Facebook to detect your posts as “popular” and show them to your followers, you’ll need some diehard fans to help you boost the likes.


edmonton social media marketing tips facebook


5) Invite your friends, family, and co-workers to like your page. Select a few people in your social circle that you trust and ask them to invite their friends. This will help form a base of followers.

6) Focus on highly shareable things like images, quotes, and fun facts for the first little while. Your first few months are all about building followers that love your brand voice.

7) When possible, share content that was created by or features your followers.

8) Run contests, ask questions, and survey people. Give people a push to engage.

9) Tag people in your photos as much as possible. If you post content that people you know would like, make sure to tag them in the photo. This will spread your photo to other pages.

10) Use “Like to Download” Apps to encourage likes and giveaway teaser content. Always give people a good reason to click that “Like” button.


edmonton social media marketing tips facebook

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