10 Instagram Accounts With Colour Themes You'll Want To Copy

by Ivana Radojevic on June 6 2017
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Whether your Instagram account is for business, pleasure, or both, you can theme your feed by introducing a consistent colour palette to your images. To give you some inspiration, we've curated ten follow-worthy Instagram accounts that have done just that.

A few tips to remember when curating your Instagram feed:

  1. Choose a consistent colour theme. Before posting an image, consider how it fits within the wider aesthetic of your Instagram feed.

  2. Alternate the types of images you post.

  3. Post good quality images.

  4. You may not be able to snap a picture that fits your theme perfectly when you're out and about, so consider using apps like VSCO or Afterlight to edit your images.

  5. If you decide to change your theme or launch a new campaign, do so gradually and transition slowly, introducing more images from your new theme as you go.

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Without further ado, here are 10 Instagram accounts with colour themes you'll want to copy:

The classics

From muted, cool neutrals and black-and-white aesthetic Instagram accounts...


Instagram: imdrewscott 

...to crisp and clean and just plain white.


Instagram: meghanrienks

*Best Instagram themes

The tone game

For those in favour of warmer tones...


Instagram: stellamariabaer 

...to those who prefer the slightly cooler side.


Instagram: serjios
*Cool Instagram themes

The colour explosion

Don't be afraid to experiment with colour...


Instagram: brittnimehlhoff

...but when you do, try to tie it together. 


Instagram: jimmymarble

The variety shuffle

Alternate between product and lifestyle images...


Instagram: saraswatidesign

...or opt for the more strategic.


Instagram: jeffreycampbell 

The purpose-driven

Instagram is a natural platform for industries like retail and photography, here are some Instagram themes to inspire...


Instagram: fursty

...but increasingly, we see charities and other not-for-profits also using consistent colour themes.


Instagram: charitywater

We hope to have given you some "theme-spiration."

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